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What is Fret Fu?

This is not music theory, this is music application. You don't need to read music, tab, or use the complex terminology in order to be able to understand the keys and codes that are laid out in this very simple and fast system

​-Other methods have way too much fluff and time consuming videos trying to explain this, but this will lay it all out and you'll be applying it instead of talking about it. In fact we don't even want to waste any more of your time trying to explain it. We'll just show you! 

Level 1 
White Belt

  • How to feel your way around the instrument blindfolded and master the geometry that will take you to the next level of understanding how "Hand-Ear" coordination works
  • You will be able to sing the notes before you play them and you won't even need the instrument in your hand. You will already establish relative pitch and tap into the flow
  • You'll understand what "minor" and "major" are used for and how to implement them into real time situations

Level 2 
Red Belt

  • Complete Pentatonic and Blues Scale Mastery
  • The "Tetris" affect
  • Moving around the different keys effortlessly with ease, grace, and flow
  • ​Be able to sing each note before you hit it and "scat" during your solos like the masters
  • ​You will be able to shred fast because the way this is taught takes the mind out of it and your speed accelerates by default

Level 3 
Black Belt Mastery

  • Complete mastery of all 7 modes of the diatonic scale
  • Speak the language of the pros in the industry! Understanding the names of the notes, their titles, names of the modes
  • Nashville Number System
  • ​Complete understanding of how they are applied
  • ​You will find your own voice, style, and be able to compose any style of music because you have become a master of the most affective method in the universe
  • ​You will be a part of a very elite group of practitioners that can do things no one else can
  • ​You will impress everyone with your abilities
  • ​You will be able to apply this to all instruments and use this wisdom to produce any genre of music
  • ​You will be able to sit in with any band or studio situation without asking what key the song is in
  • ​Don't Think Just Play! ​
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